World Class Retreading Delivered To The World

World Class Retreading Delivered To The World

"Cobber" is the latest addition to the treads industry

Rethreading has for many years been an integral and highly reputed part of heavy vehicle tyre management, "Cobber" is the latest addition to the treads industry from the pioneer Cochin Rubbers which has been operational since 1980. All through these years, Cochin Rubbers have served a lot of clients in the US, Europe, GCC and Africa making us one of the eminent and established manufacturers in the rethread industry. Continuous Research and Developmental activities have given birth to Cobber, a technologically superior introduction to the industry with industry defining qualities. Having gained sheer experience all these years, Cochin Rubbers has curated specially designed highly durable superior quality rethreads utilizing all its technological knowledge, human resources and developmental activities. Cobber has become a trendsetter in the tyre retreading industry.

Cobber's unique combination of material inclusions and manufacturing technology has made it possible to deliver the performance equal to the brand-new tire.

To strive hard to become the leading worldwide developer and distributor of retreading materials and technologies while keeping in mind our social responsibility to the environment and the planet.


To Engineer sustainable solutions that revolutionize the transportation industry and benefit all mankind for years to come.

director message
P. M Shamsudeen
Founder and Chairman

Hi all, I am Shamsudeen, Founder and Chairman of COCHIN RUBBERS. Progress for me has never been a dream. It has always been a distant reality and once we have achieved one milestone, there is always one waiting to be crossed. In this belief I have started my company, Cochin Rubbers, a Conventional Tread Rubber Manufacturing Unit, in 1980. In a very few years Cochin Rubbers became a prominent name in its business segment. Like every Entrepreneur I also wanted to push my company to achieve more milestones. That's why I started manufacturing Pre curred Tread Rubber, Bonding Gum and Valcunising Solution in 1985. I have purchased 2 Banbury Machines and used 2 Banbury Machine for mixing. Our company is also supplying the Master Batch. We are also supplying materials to Tamil Nadu Transport Corporation and Karnataka Transport Corporation. Besides Pan India, We are exporting the materials to the Middle East, Africa, USA & Canada. I always perceived my company as a unit that could make a difference with its quality and competitively priced products. Our New Product COBBER is getting the better mileage up to 1.5 lac kilometer. With the support of my brilliant team, I have been successful in bringing Cochin Rubbers to a new Milestone of Global Recognition. The journey of Cochin Rubbers is never ending... But with the support of my Team, Family and my satisfied Clients, I am so confident that my company will continue to be infinitely successful

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  • Cobber treads Provide highest return in investment
    on your Tires
  • Cobber treads are Safe, Reliable and Durable
  • Cobber Offers you the best Mileage
  • Cobber treads are a part of the circular Economy
  • Cobber treads is an Environment-Friendly sustainable
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