Advancements Using Technology to Reduce the Cost and avoid material wastage

Why Retreading?

Resources are Scarce and managing them efficiently and effectively is a success. Tyre retreading is a big industry employing sophisticated processes along with raw materials and highly-skilled human capital. Retreads offer the same life expectancy as an original tire with significant environmental benefits and will grow in strategic significance as resource efficiency gains importance worldwide. Retreading promotes sustainable development, increases supply resilience and contributes to the economy through employment, reuse of materials and decreasing carbon footprint.

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The retread manufacturing process of Cobber
The retread manufacturing process of Cobber

is subject to strict Conformity of Production testing to ensure that every tread is made to the same exacting high standards. The adoption of advanced manufacturing procedures utilizing developed technologies and sophisticated machinery along with the most skilled and trained human capital gives Cobber the best quality output. Cobber has direct control over the tread designs, new product development and in-house testing facilities for tensile strength, abrasion & specific gravity.

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